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Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Limited

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Aviation Logistics Co., Ltd (HXIA Logistics) is an independent legal entity, a wholly-owned subsidiary of HXIA Limited, employing 383 Chinese staff and 171 expats. Following the philosophy of ¡°creating a first-class platform with outstanding services to generate sound profits,¡± we offer a wide range of services and logistics options for our clients, including ground transportation and related services, third-party warehousing for pharmaceuticals, professional services of loading and unloading, handling, sorting, weighing, packing, arrangement, and warehousing of aviation cargoes, inquiries for delivery information, and operation of customs-supervised depots. Booking services are available 24/7 for special cargoes while comprehensive agent trucking services and logistics for both domestic and international aviation freight are accessible.

HXIA Logistics boasts an extensive network nationwide and around the world and an efficient reliable service team to facilitate logistics for clients. Thanks to the booming economy in Zhejiang Province and an easily-accessed location of Hangzhou, we are dedicated to providing high-quality and comprehensive logistics services in pursuit of excellence in aviation cargo and an integrated sustainable development.

Equipment and facilities

    1. We operate with the most advanced processing system with various functions for aviation logistics on the domestic market.

    2. Two packing machines in Section B for international outward cargoes are capable of packing, storing, transferring and recombining goods.

    3. All goods undergo a security check to ensure they are safe to deliver. We are equipped with 15 FSCAN X-ray Inspection Systems and 1 IONSCAN Explosive Trace Detection System. The inspection system is capable of scanning an item up to 1.5m*1.65m (length*width) in size at a speed of 0.2 meters per second. The advanced equipment enables the airport to process up to 300,000 tons of cargo a year.

    4. We have more than 80 vehicles for cargo handling and transferring, including over 40 normal vans and fridge vans, 10 customs-supervised vehicles and more than 40 truck-tractors and fork-lift trucks.

    5. We have four storage rooms each for frozen and chilled goods. The room for international frozen goods and chilled goods are 24m2 and 67.2m2 in size, respectively. The room for domestic frozen goods and chilled goods are both 12m2.
    Room temperature: -18¡æ-0¡æ (freezer)
              0¡æ-8¡æ (refrigerator)

    6. We provide individual storage rooms for dangerous goods (DG) at different levels. The DG depot covers an area of 100m2.

    7. A 200m2 safe is monitored 24/7 with strong safety and monitoring measures in place to ensure the safety of high-value goods.

    8. A 6,000m2 modern standard depot is in use for pharmaceuticals with another pharmaceutical logistics industrial park covering 20,000m2 under construction.

    9. A new security check passage is now in use with an advanced CCTV monitoring system, a fire alarm and monitoring system and professionally-trained security guards touring around all areas to make sure all necessary measures would be taken to handle cargoes safely.

    10. A 2,400m2 public bonded depot has now been launched.

    11. The customs mailing supervision center covers an area of 4,000m2 with two online inspection systems and a 226m2 depot for suspended mails.

    12. The Grade II customs-supervised depot is 6,085m2 in size.

    13. The company is planning to build an aviation logistics industrial park for HXIA.
Our Business
With a network of trusted partners, HXIA Logistics provides comprehensive ground transportation solutions to all airlines, including cargo handling, warehousing, arranging shipment, delivering, and inquiry services. It also provides services of cargo loading and unloading, warehousing, on-site packing, airline information inquiry, cargo collection and documentation for bonded cargoes for aviation cargo agents. We operate businesses in domestic and international cargo blocks sales with experience and expertise to handle special cargoes, including out-of-gauge containers, fresh produces, live animals and high-value goods.

Handling fees:
Domestic cargo transit (outbound): 0.36 yuan per kilogram
International cargo transit (outbound): 0.44 yuan per kilogram
Domestic cargo transit (inbound): 0.32 yuan per kilogram
International cargo transit (inbound): 0.4 yuan per kilogram
Express service: 0.7 yuan per kilometer
Highlighted Services
The domestic inbound port operates round the clock, which will meet our clients¡¯ needs of flexible arrangements for delivery.

Bookings for domestic inbound freight are available 24/7. Cargo collection will be ready within 2-1/2 hours from arrival. For the express service, the collection of goods is available within 1-1/2 hours from arrival.

Bookings for international outbound freight are available 24/7, which allows flexible logistics arrangements tailored to meet our clients¡¯ requirements.

The international inbound port is open round the clock to serve our clients.

More than 380 cargo aircraft depart and land at HXIA every day. The routes we operate cover most domestic cities and regions as well as East Asian countries. We provide agent cargo ground services for all domestic and overseas airlines (excl. Air China) as well as standard ground services for global freight carrier leaders, including FedEx and SF Express, at HXIA. More than 60 sales agents for aviation logistics are now based in HXIA Logistics.
¡°Green Tracks¡± is a fast-track service for emergency deliveries that will board the flight via the luggage passage.

¡°Express Track¡± provides speed cold-chain logistics services for international inbound freights such as fresh produce.

With an individual working area, the 24-hour Customs Clearance Service is operated in an efficient ¡°5+2¡± working shift system. Officers from relevant governmental authorities, including the Customs and the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, are based at the airport.

We have launched ¡®Air-Truck Freight Service¡¯ supervised by the Customs between HXIA and cities of Shanghai, Nanjing, and Ningbo.

An online information platform for Customs clearance has also been launched.
Aviation cargo sales:
We offer:
A wide range of aviation cargo logistics services, including but not limited to: door-to-door delivery, cargo space booking, warehousing, transferring, Customs declaration, and insurance brokering services; domestic and international express delivery services. We operate import and export businesses as well.
You enjoy:
¡°Combined Transportation¡± for a tailored option choosing from air, rail and land freight services.
¡°Service Team for Special Shipments¡±
¡°Fast-track Service¡±
¡°Priority Express Delivery¡±
¡°24-hour Service¡±
¡°Door-to-Door Delivery¡±¡­

We provide seamless logistics services 24/7 all year round for our clients.
Contact us:
Inquiries (answered by our representatives):
Domestic inbound cargo: Tel: +86 571-8666 1036
International inbound cargo: Tel: +86 571-8666 5029
Specialized cargo: Tel: +86 571-86662464
Sales inquiries:
Domestic cargo: +86 571-86662441 / 86662442
International cargo: +86 571-86665066
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