Airport Shuttle

Perfect airport bus routes, covering over 10 routes in Hangzhou and over 20 routes in the province, can provide passengers with convenient and relatively inexpensive means of transportation.

Friendly Reminder:

   We implement the regulations of real-name ticket purchase and bus taking for airport bus service. Please purchase tickets and take the bus with your original valid ID card.

   The publicized schedule of airport bus is the scheduled departure time, and the announced departure time at the ticket window on the same day shall prevail.

Airport Bus Waiting Hall Location:
Airport bus waiting room is located at Gate #8 of the arrival hall of the terminal building of the airport.
Time and Ticket Prices:
Xin An Jiang
Airport——Xin An Jiang


Xin An Jiang——Airport

Inquiry telephone:+8657164722054、+86 571 96299

¥Subject to local announcements
Inquiry telephone:+8657164722054、+86 571 96299